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If you are searching for low-or-no-cost small business marketing ideas, new marketing plan strategies, or even ways to improve your marketing materials so they pull a higher response... then you are at the right place.

As you will quickly see, everything here is focused on one thing: getting you the marketing information you need so that your small business gets additional sales as quickly as possible, as cheaply as possible... and that’s it.

So... to that end, we not only provide you with a windfall of current, relevant information specific to small business marketing (versus theory, high-priced marketing strategies, and hype), but we are also the only site on the web featuring the Brilliant Marketing! online marketing course... right here and at no cost to you!

Whether you are new to small business marketing or have been at it a while, this fun, easy, and effective online marketing course has something new and valuable for you. It covers marketing strategies, messages, material design, and creative ideas. The bonus is that by taking this online marketing course you actually create your custom Living Marketing Manual - it's like a having a marketing plan on steroids! So get to it and make yourself some money!

Brilliant Marketing! 

P.S. Over the years, we have exhaustively researched products and services which support the Brilliant Marketing! principals of using only low-or-no-cost marketing materials and activities THAT GET RESULTS. I have included links to save you the time and effort of finding them yourself. No need to reinvent the wheel here... you have a business to run!

Okay - enough already! The best way to really discover what is on this site is to dive in and take a look! After all, the primary objective here is to get you marketing — not to keep you slave to this website learning about it!